If you’re looking for a great 3×3 magnetic cube, the GAN 356R is the right choice. This innovative cube features a revolutionary magnetic system that allows you to change the magnet strength in the corners and edges in just thirty seconds. You can choose between strong, medium, or null magnets.

Gan 356X

The Gan Cube 356X has an interchangeable magnet system that allows users to change the magnets with ease. The system includes four capsules with varying magnet strengths – strong, medium, and non-magnetic. This cube also uses GES Pro, a new magnetic system with four different nut distances and six different tension levels.

The magnet capsule system on the 356X is an impressive feature, and the capsules are flush with the inside of the cube. This means that they won’t catch on anything while speed solving. The 356X also comes with two different spring systems – an old IPG V5 system and a numerical IPG system.

Gan 356M

The GAN 356M is a 3×3 magnetic speed cube that falls into the mid-price range, but doesn’t lack in quality compared to other GAN 3×3 cubes. Its GES+ system allows you to customize spring tension to achieve the exact amount of elasticity you’re looking for. It also has built-in nuts for ease of assembly and is very sturdy.

The GAN 356M is the middle-range 3×3 model, with a dual-adjustable Numerical IPG core and alternate GES spring options. It is similar to the GAN XS and GAN X V2, and has a fast, stable feel.

Gan 11 M Pro

The GAN Cube 11 M Pro Speed Cube is an incredible piece of puzzle equipment, thanks to its magnetic core positioning system. The GAN core is magnetic on one side, and bare on the other, which results in a low tactility and enhanced magnetic strength. With a low tactility and corner pieces, this cube provides a fantastic blend of speed and strength.

The GAN cube is available in a variety of colour options. The black version is available in two different shades, while the red and blue versions have the same basic mechanism.

Gan 249M

The GAN Cube 249M is the new magnetic version of the popular 2×2 cube from GAN. The new cube has a smooth and slick feel and great corner cutting. It also has a matte finish. You can choose from a variety of magnet strengths, including strong, medium, or null.

The newest cube from GAN features a honeycomb design at corner contact points for a smoother, longer-lasting experience. It also comes in a stickerless version, which makes it easier to identify color choices. It has 48 precisely-placed 3*1.5 magnets.

Gan 357

The Gan Cube 357 is a 3×3 puzzle that was released in early 2015. It is the first puzzle from the Gans company that included screws in every piece. It is known for its buttery smooth feel and corner cutting abilities. This model could cut up to 50 degrees and had a lockable, 30-degree reverse feature. It also debuted the first version of the GAN box V1.

The 357 cube is a three-layered 57mm cube. It marked the beginning of the Gan naming scheme and was widely popular, becoming many people’s main cube. However, it didn’t gain the same popularity as the Moyu AoLong cube, which has many ridges and flexing edges.

Gan 357 Air

The 357 Air is a 3-layer 57mm cube from Gans. It is the first cube with a system for changing magnet strengths in the corners and edges. It was widely praised for its buttery smooth turning and became the cube of choice for many people. However, it didn’t achieve the popularity of its more famous sibling, the Moyu AoLong. This is mainly due to its flexing edges and large number of ridges.

The 357 Air came with a metal tensioning tool, 3 GES nuts, a card, and a bag. It’s more affordable than its predecessor, the 356S V3, but lacks the self-magnetizing capabilities of the 357. The 356S V3 and the YJ MGC have outperformed these products, though. Despite their inferiority, both are very affordable and offer factory magnets.

Gan 357 Air Pro

The 357 Air Pro is one of the most popular cubes on the market. Its slick design and buttery smooth turn made it a popular choice among cube rollers. Its name was inspired by its buttery feel and ability to cut to nearly any corner. The weight is approximately twenty grams lighter than the 356 regular. The 357 Air Pro has a 57mm edge, and has a variety of corner-cutting options.

It is the flagship 3×3 from Gans, and is the first to feature a magnetic replacement system. This system allows users to change magnet strengths in corners and edges within 30 seconds. It comes with a variety of different magnet strengths, including strong, medium, and null magnets.