A term paper is a kind of research paper that is written after a year of work. In the final semester, students put great effort into composing a term paper. It is a kind of review to evaluate your knowledgeable contributions to a specific course. Suppose you are going to compose an American History term paper, then be vigilant in maintaining the modern state of research. Enrich it with factual and concrete information to reflect the systemisation of the whole semester study.

Do you know how keenly American history subject is ruled? Per the statistics revealed by NCES,

  • 13% of eighth-grade students performed above the NAEP (National Assessment of Educational Progress) proficient level in the United States history assessment.

The revelation of these stats portrays the significance of the course and its knowledgeable contributions.  A specific topic is assigned on which students have to conduct deep research and extract relevant information. Writing a term paper prepares students at an early stage to analyse information and draw logical conclusions.

Moreover, it helps students to boost their critical thinking skills and formulate an argument to defend the situation. Besides this, some students find it challenging to compose a term paper. The major reason is they need to gain appropriate vocabulary and exceptional writing skills. Therefore, they seek term paper writing help for immediate assistance.The highly trained academic professionals craft well-edited, coherent and engaging term papers.

Let us first understand the conceptual definition of American history before we jump to writing a term paper on this subject. Afterwards, you will learn ten important tips to compose a winning term paper. Stay tuned!

What Is the American History?

American history constitutes the political, legal, constitutional and economic trends. The subject aims to inculcate the relationships between colonies and American Indians. The journey focused on the freedom of choice and equal opportunity to live.

While writing your American history term paper, you can include the following historical details proposed by Britannica:

  • The pursuit of liberty was declared in 1776 and named the Declaration of Independence.
  • The legal constitution of the United States of America was founded in 1787, by which the country would be governed appropriately.
  • Under the strong command of Andrew Jackson, British forces were defeated in the Battle of New Orleans on January 8, 1815.

For enhanced understanding, critically analyse the timeline of American History mentioned below:

What Do You Need to Know Before Writing an American History Term Paper?

Undoubtedly, college education requires students to compose American history term papers at the end of the final semester. If the right set of tips is not followed, then students may craft ambiguous information.

We care about students’ concerns therefore; we have gathered some valuable stepwise guides to follow. Read the below-mentioned things to reflect credibility in your paper.

1. Pick an Interesting Topic

First things first: While composing a term paper on American History, try to select a wise topic. Select a challenging topic that demonstrates the importance and evolution of historical aspects. As American history is packed with an abundance of events and progressions, try to make a confident topic selection.

The following key considerations must be included in your topic:

  • The period that evokes the reader’s interest.
  • List of events that happened in a particular duration.
  • Highlight the importance of U.S. history.
  • The topic should be supported by legitimate proof.

American History Term Paper Topics for 2024

Many students find researching a topic a time-consuming task. Considering the innovations, restrictions, and conceptual framework requires serious effort. To provide convenience, we have gathered a list of trending topics. Read them briefly to write an excellent term paper.

  • Impact of Revolutionary War on the Native Americans.
  • Exploring the Main Reasons for Protestant Reformation and Its Influence on U.S. History.
  • Comparative Study on Religions Based in America in the 19th Century
  • The Great Depression: A Largest Economic Rundown in the History of America.
  • Discussing the Role of the United States of America During World War II.

2. Mind the Length

The typical length of term papers ranges from 15-20 pages. Different factors can contribute to the length of yourAmerican Historyterm paper, such as:

  • The diversity of your subject. For example, if you are writing on American History, then enclose all the essential details relevant to a specific period.
  • The number of sub-topics and complexity of headings
  • The extent of your discussion and conclusion

All the discussed factors influence the length of your term paper. Moreover, it also depends upon the specific criteria of your institute. All the information should be demarcated into different sections, including the introduction, individual paragraphs, conclusion and reference page.

3. Engage Readers with Statistics

While composing your American History term paper, incorporating text-based information is not enough. You must enclose the numerical figures and relevant statistical data to grasp the reader’s attention.

It helps them trust the validity of the information you have used from authentic sources. There are different credible online sources where you can find statistical data. Some of them are mentioned below:

  • Statista
  • Google Scholar
  • National Archives
  • Digital Public Library of America
  • Facing History and Ourselves

You can include the Gantt Charts, mind maps, history timelines and schematic flow charts to increase readability. It helps the reader to easily understand the background of contextual information.

4. Include Citations

The most important of all is to include proper references in your American history term paper. The benefit of citing the appropriate references is to avoid plagiarism. Moreover, it also reflects in acknowledging other people’s work. Depending on the field of study a particular citation style is recommended in your paper.

For instance, if you are writing on American history, follow your institute’s advised citation style. Some of the popular citation styles include MLA, APA, Harvard, Chicago, and Vancouver.

See some of the published American History Term Paper examples to get an idea of citing a reference.

  • Models of Wisdom in the Teaching of History
  • Institutional Change and American Economic Growth: A First Step Towards a Theory of Institutional Innovation
  • Eugenics and public health in American history.

5. Use Online &Library Resources for Research

Using online resources like websites or academic journals is a good thing. To write an authoritative and credible American history term paper, you must use online as well as library resources.

Your supervisor or instructor can also check your content’s validity by quickly assessing it on the internet. It reduces the period and quickly generates the searched results. On the other hand, library resources are kept for longer periods.

You can find all versions of books, old and new ones. There are also two modes of library: digital and physical library. Print items may include books, pamphlets, magazines, microfiche and microfilm. Seeking help from the library is credible. You can borrow a resource or access it in time of need.

6. Follow a Professional Tone

Try to maintain a professional and academic tone in your American history term paper. Academic language is concise, clear and crisp. It helps to reflect clarity by communicating the central message. Use the expository writing style to demonstrate logical reasoning. Different connectives and transition words are used to highlight coherence.

For example, you can use, therefore, however, in contrast, furthermore, etc. to interlink the information. When you adopt this language in your paper, it helps the reader draw a logical conclusion.

7. Include Structural Components

Follow the basic and well-organised structure to write an American history term paper. A well-formatted structure helps you make the writing process flawless.

The fundamental structural components are described below:

  1. Cover Page – should include the title, date of submission, your name, professor name and degree.
  2. Abstract – Enclosed is a short introduction to your paper. Demonstrates the overall importance, what and why of your research.
  3. Introduction – should describe the contextual and background information on American History. Briefly describe the upcoming structure of your paper.
  4. Main Body – should constitute body paragraphs, and all must be interlinked, supporting the arguments and findings with evidence.
  5. Results – this part explains the final interpretations you have made. Convince your readers about the final statement you have proposed.
  6. Discussion – this section should discuss the further research possibilities from your research. Also, enclose the overview of all the information in one line and inform your reader what new steps could be taken to proceed with the process.
  7. Conclusion – briefly provide the recap of historical information and wrap up the whole information to give the reader clarity.
  8. References – cite the sources of information and minimise the chances of plagiarism.

8. Use a Top-Down Approach in Writing

A top-down approach in writing comprises breaking a large idea into smaller segments and segregating it into the introduction, main body, and conclusion. Every section subordinates the central idea, and as a result, a clear connection is built.

Construct a central idea of your American history term paper, analyse the viewpoint and then systemise it into different chunks. It will help you with what you are going to inform. It provides you with a crisp outline to resume your writing.

9. Ask For Help

Many college students need help with part-time jobs and meeting their educational expenses. Similarly, they have to attempt academic activities such as writing term papers. They have to deal with complex and multiple American History term paper research questions. In this scenario, students are availed of term paper writing services. The professionals can reduce their stress by crafting logical and coherent term papers. Moreover, it ensures timely delivery to satisfy students.

10. Proofread by Yourself

Once you are done with the writing process then, carefully proofread the term paper for American History. Proofreading and reviewing your content allows you to spot the following:

  • Spelling and grammatical errors
  • Idiomatic and phrasal flaws
  • Slang and informal words
  • Punctuational, syntactical and typographical errors.
  • Check fonts, margins, styles and headings.

Do proofread your paper multiple times to avoid any errors. Moreover, it helps you to submit a refined and polished paper to your supervisor for successful approval.

What Are the 12 Eras of US History?

According to GSA, the twelve eras of U.S. history are:

  1. Colonial America and the Revolution (1565-1783)
  2. Colonial Settlement (1600 – 1763)
  3. The New Nation (1783-1860)
  4. Civil War (1861-1865)
  5. Reconstruction and Industrialisation (1865-1889)
  6. The Progressive Era (1890-1930)
  7. World War I and the Roaring Twenties (1940-1929)
  8. The Great Depression (1929-1940)
  9. Word War II (1941-1945)
  10. The Post-War United States (1945-1968)
  11. The Modern Era (1945-1979)
  12. National Expansion and Reform (1815 – 1880)

What Is the Purpose of American History?

The main purpose of American History is to teach the students about the role of democracy, political and economic issues, social issues, equal rights discrimination and the importance of national resolution and peace. This makes them valuable citizens of America and contributes better strategies towards the country’s success.


Indeed, writing an American history term paper is a challenging and time-consuming task. However, following the discussed guidelines in this guide will help craft a logically coherent paper. Everything is covered, from data collection to the actual writing process. Include appropriate references to increase the validity of your content. All these fundamental components can help your instructor astonished and earn excellent grades.