There’s a website called that gets nearly 80 million hits a month. It’s illegal, but not a threat to your computer security. Besides, it’s free to read.

It’s illegal

Mangago is a site that provides tens of thousands of manga comics for free. However, Mangago is also a pirated website that violates copyright laws.

It is important to know what makes a website illegal. This will help you to identify whether a website is safe or not.

The main reason why websites like Mangago are illegal is because they publish materials without consent. They are violating copyright laws and the audiovisual industry.

In addition, they are not paying their authors. Their profits come from the authors’ losses. Several lawsuits have been filed against illegal reading websites.

Aside from manga creators, many anime editors have complained. Some have been fined. Regardless, there is no proof that Mangago is actually illegal in every country.

If you’re concerned about your computer, Mangago can be a real threat. This is because the website can infect your system with viruses. Additionally, if the country has strict laws, you could end up facing serious trouble.

However, this is not the only reason why a website like Mangago is illegal. Some are based on copyright infringement and can lead to civil penalties.

It’s a curious case as it accumulates practically 80 million hits per month

Mangago is a website for illegal manga publications. These illegal websites publish free works without the consent of the authors and editors. They also make money by selling unauthorized copies.

The website has been in operation for years and has built up a huge following of users. People from all over the world access the site to download copyrighted materials. While it is illegal, it does provide an excellent online market for sharing copyrighted materials. Its audience is comprised of Japanese manga comics and people from all over the world.

There are also lawsuits filed by manga authors against the illegal reading sites. These lawsuits are aimed at getting them shut down. However, manga publishers are unable to find an effective solution for the issue. If they were to offer a manga reading “streaming” service, they would have a great chance of success.

Having a manga reading “streaming” service would provide a great option for people to access manga comics without compromising their music or movie tastes. In addition, the site has the potential to become a profitable IPO.