Covid quarantined us at home for a while, and a lot happened while we were there. Taking up new hobbies, learning new skills, and perhaps even working on self-care were all part of the process. Some of us also became pet owners, according to some people.

According to Melissa Bacelar, founder of Wagmor Pets and owner of The Wagmor, a luxury pet hotel and spa in Los Angeles, dog adoption was trending during the pandemic. According to Melissa Bacelar, founder of Wagmor Pets and owner of The Wagmor, a luxury pet hotel and spa in Los Angeles, dog adoption was trending during the pandemic.”

Bacelar has been running her dog rescue and pet hotel for nearly 16 years, and what started out as 20-30 adoptions a month soon ballooned to 130. “We had 150 dogs in our busiest months,” she says, noting that “the increase [from before the pandemic] was well over 100%.”

What Are the Best Pet Products?

In order to keep your pet safe while you’re away or keep them calm and comfortable when you can’t be by their side, companies have introduced pet products that help with everything from home monitoring to pet entertainment.

In addition to (smart) cat litter, sofa-style doggy beds and even pet-safe CBD, the best pet products promise to keep them calm and relaxed when you’re away. Take a look at what’s available online or check ​​pet accessories in Dubai

  1. Furbo Dog Camera

Furbo Dog Camera is one of the most popular products for pets. This security camera and feeder combines a 1080p full HD camera that lets you see what’s happening in your space in real time. You don’t have to awkwardly position it either – just place it on your floor for a 160-degree, wide-angle view. When the lights are off, you can still see your four-legged friends with the Furbo’s night vision.

If you have the Furbo app on your phone, you can talk to your pet even when you are away from home. In addition, you’ll receive a “barking alert” so you can quickly log in to see what’s distracting your pet.

Furbo lets you store bite-sized treats inside, so you can throw one to Fido or Fritz to keep them entertained or to reward them for waiting patiently for you at home. It takes only a few minutes to set up the camera by plugging in a power cord and connecting it to WiFi.

  1. ThunderShirt Dog Anxiety Jacket

Bacelar believes one of the biggest issues for pets post-pandemic will be separation anxiety. While most of the country was under quarantine for most of 2020, pets could have their humans by their side all the time. It’s important to keep your pets calm and relaxed as we start to leave our houses again. That’s when anxiety jackets come in handy.

Among the top-rated brands of dog anxiety jackets, ThunderShirt is known for its cozy and waterproof design fitted design that applies gentle, constant pressure around your dog to help “calm anxiety, fear and over excitement.”

  1. Furhaven Pet Bed

Not all pet beds are created equal. While there are no shortage of brands making decent beds and crates for your pet, we like Furhaven’s orthopedic pet beds, which provide a more ergonomic place for your dog or cat to rest.

A sofa-style bed is designed to mimic a couch or daybed, providing your pet with a secure and comfortable sleeping surface, as well as supportive “bolsters” at the sides. According to Furhaven, its egg crate foam base cushions pressure points, while the railings provide neck and back support, hip and joint support.

In spite of its softness and gentleness, the velvet fabric is durable enough to endure long-term use. The cover is completely machine washable, which is a bonus.