When searching for a tutor online, you should check out sites like TutorMitra and TutorEye. They help you find a tutor and connect you with the student. The best part is that the platform will pay you a commission.


TutorMitra is a website that allows students to find a tutor in any subject. It also allows parents to hire a tutor to help their child. The site lets students choose the subject they need help with, and tutors can also quote a price and turnaround time.

Students and tutors can connect via video. Many online tutoring platforms include an integrated online classroom and a collaborative whiteboard. There are also many features that allow tutors to manage their business and schedule. This way, they can focus on teaching and educating students.

TutorMitra also has an advanced lesson space for students to find a tutor. Tutors can teach a wide range of subjects, including math, science, history, literature, and more. They can also offer language lessons and test prep. The platform has over 65,000 tutors. Each tutor has their own profile, and you can see their qualifications and experience.


TutorEye is a platform that allows students to search for a tutor with just one click. This platform focuses on accessibility and speed, so you can easily schedule a lesson with a particular tutor without having to go through the long process of hiring a tutor. This platform matches students with tutors based on their preferred subjects and learning styles. It also lets students set their own budget, so they can easily find a tutor who meets their budget.

TutorEye is free to use. The website is incredibly detailed and even has a live online chat feature. If you have a question, you can speak with a real person, unlike other platforms where you will only get a bot-based support system. You can browse the profiles of tutors on TutorEye before booking a session, and you can even contact them via the chat function.


TutorMe is a popular online platform that connects students with qualified tutors. Its tutors have advanced degrees and undergo rigorous training. They are matched with students based on their needs. All communication is conducted via secure platforms, and both students and tutors can rate each other after every session.

This platform features a wide range of tutors and offers standardized test tutoring, from the SAT II subject tests to graduate-level entrance exams. Its rates start at $16 per hour, and the service features flexible scheduling. TutorMe offers bonuses to tutors who are able to meet the needs of their students.

The site also allows students and parents to schedule sessions in advance. Teachers can also make a listing on the site and set their own hours. TutorMe works with a minimum of five minutes per session, but some subjects require longer sessions. The platform pays tutors via PayPal, and payment is issued weekly. Federal holidays may delay payment.

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There are many reasons to use TutorMitra to find a tutor. The platform allows students and parents to find a tutor in their area, based on their needs and preferences. Unlike most other tutoring sites, TutorMitra does not require you to pay a one-time fee. Once you have selected a tutor, you can begin arranging your sessions.

The platform allows students to choose their tutor and set up an online classroom with collaborative whiteboard, live video, and integrated learning materials. It also allows students to chat with their tutor before booking the session. Tutors are also able to choose their own schedules, set a tuition fee, and more. In addition, the platform allows teachers to teach a variety of subjects, including languages and hobbies.

The platform offers a comprehensive listing of qualified tutors in various subjects. Students can search through a tutor’s profile, view their background, and experience. Once they have made a choice, they can also sign up for a free trial session to learn more about the service.